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School Spider App

Our website provider, School Spider, also host our parental communication system.

We use this on a daily basis and it will keep you up to date with news, events, reminders etc. In the parents' School Spider App you are able to book parents' evenings, complete online surveys and forms (ie for school trips) and receive Smartphone messages (app only).

The School Spider App is available on Android and Apple devices. For window-based parents, we send emails through School Spider. (As we have a few parents who don't have Android or Apple devices, we tend to double-up with the messages - sending it through the app to your Smartphone and also through School Spider to your email).

Important points to note

  • Once you have downloaded the app (free from Google Play or the Apple App Store), you must select THIS school, using the dropdown bar - it is listed as 'Bollington St John's CE Primary School' and is not to be confused with 'St John's CofE Primary School'.
  • Please then click 'create account' and input your email address. You then need to follow the steps to finalise setting up your account. 
  • Once you have done this you can access recent news/gallery/blogs/calendar items that we regularly post on the website.
  • To receive information related to your child/children, select Parent Login and enter your username and password. If you have more than one child at this school, click on the child's name and it will show your other children who are at this school so you can switch accounts.
  • You will receive notifications informing you what you need to complete, use the icons on the bottom row to respond.
  • Please ensure once you have logged in you have notifications turned on.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you MUST stay logged in.
  • Please find a Parent App Guide at the bottom of this web page for further information.


Q - How many people can have a School Spider account per child? 

A - One account per household (both parents who live in the same household can log in using the same details). More than one account can be created when those with parental responsibility do not live in the same household. 


Q - Can I reply to the message, through the app?

A - You cannot reply through the app.  The best way to contact us is by email at: [email protected]


Q - Why doesn't the app work on my windows Phone?

A - The School Spider App is, for the time being, only available on Android and Apple devices.  Apple and Android account for around 98% of mobile devices used.  For window-based parents, we will send you an email through School Spider.  As we do have a few parents who don't have Android or Apple devices, we tend to double-up with the messages - sending it through the app to your smartphone and also through School Spider to your email.  


Q - Why am I not receiving the emails from School Spider?

A - It is likely that the problem is being caused by the settings of your inbox. Check your junk and spam mail boxes to see if there is an email in there - It will state the sender as 'Bollington St Johns CE Primary School'. If you click onto the email, you will be able to allow emails from that sender. If you are unable to find an email in your junk or spam folders, then check your inbox settings to see whether it is set to refuse emails from a scheduled system which sends bulk emails. This would need to be changed in order for you to start receiving emails from us.


Q - I've received an email, directing me to a survey and I've clicked the link and it's asking me to log in.  I'm already logged in, why is it requesting I do this again?

A - You will receive an email notification letting you know about the survey. If you click the link within the email you will be taken to the desktop/mobile version of our website where you will need to login.  However, if you are logged into the app, you can complete the survey/form on here, i.e. you do not have to click the link in the email. If you are logged into the app you will receive a notification here too.


Q - I've forgotten my password and/or username, how can I get access again? 

A - Go into the app on your phone and click 'Forgot Password?' and enter the email address that you used to set up the account (please note that this could be a work or personal email address). You will then be sent a link which will give you your username and a link to create a new password. 


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